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Monday, August 20, 2012

Caught when you consider the other Russian girls

Men always consider Russian women. There is nothing you can do about it, and women do not try. There is an evolutionary explanation of our behavior, to bind water to genetics, but that does not excuse us before the girl you want to please. If a guy stare at the beauty of other Russian girls, in the eyes of "the same" you look rude and untruthful.

If she caught you in the act, do not ignore it, try to wrap it all into a joke, for example. Look at the situation. The simplest solution - to continue to look at other Russian women, but tell me, let's say you go with the Russian girl in one gym, or is it a girlfriend / wife of your colleagues, then immediately go to the next topic of discussion.

"Fool me once, shame on you, fooled twice - as I am not ashamed." Excuse of a gym or a Russian girl of your friend might work once. If you're caught in this again, you have to think fast. To focus attention on some of the details of the clothing of the Russian girl, ask she was not wearing it, etc.

Talking about your ex-girlfriend
The story about your former Russian girls - this is probably the most stupid thing you can do. In this case, you will be considered emotionally unstable person, revelers who does not notice him standing in front of a beautiful and charming girl.

The best solution would be an immediate end to this conversation. And do not come back to this topic. There is a possibility that the girl herself will insist on it, but do not need to do that. Even if you're in the middle of your explanations for the gap with another girl, immediately stop it by saying, "But nothing happened," and focus on that which is before you.

Switch to a different topic, and try to correct the negative impression, showing a naked girl interest in her.

You inadvertently insulted her
The first impression can ruin the most unpredictable things. Any your joke aimed at her, can cause trouble. Your dirty jokes about passing near the girl can be fatal if this girl was your sister a new friend.
If you're lucky, you're both just laugh good joke, but if not, you have to apologize. In both cases, the remaining time you spend on the threaded mitigating guilt.

The importance of first impressions
Although the first impression is important, it is rare to become the main elements of the "removal" girls. Everyone knows that you can not judge a person based only on the first few minutes of the meeting. Unsuccessful first impression can be corrected in the future you both can joke about it, remembering how it was.
Not every first impression is correct, but if you can fix it once, you will no longer worry about it.

Monday, July 23, 2012

How to get acquainted with Russian girl on the internet.

How to get acquainted with Russian girl

Nowadays, the Internet came into everyone's life. There are many sites to explore, as well as this you can do in social networks. On any site you have to fill out the form. The questionnaire should write a brief, listing their interests, dignity, passion, purpose in life, etc. You also need high-quality photo that shows you in a good light. In the messages and letters to answer interesting and appropriate, not a pattern. In order to show you an interesting and appropriate young people. Do not forget to write letters about the qualities that you like in a Russian girl and her writing. In order to get acquainted with the girl in contact to follow the same rules and on any website and then you will succeed.
According to historians, the first impression you get 15 seconds of the beginning of your meeting or communication. Some people think that online dating is quite a difficult task. There is also a category of people who love to learn exclusively on the Internet and all the while doing this. The notion that the Internet acquainted losers for a long time was not relevant. Sometimes we become so busy that the time for celebrations for dating does not remain, and crowds are decent and interesting smart Russian girls and guys sitting at the computer with the desire and hope to find a good pair.
A place where to get acquainted with Russian girl, everyone chooses for himself. The main thing that you would feel comfortable during the process of dating and enjoy it. This is the key to success. Otherwise, you'll be tense, pensive. Everything should be done very easily, then the result will not take long and you go to see off his new girlfriend home.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Russian woman and work in America

- Tell me how you, a Russian girl who found a job in America?
- In our Shreveport from one to the city newspaper - is the "Times" with a local application (compare with the Kirov: 600 thousand people as we regularly issuing periodicals? More than ten. - ML) - journalism just fell away as my second profession a lawyer. Russian degrees in this profession there are: a very different legal system.

Constant, and is interesting enough, found a job only a year and half, in some unexpected place for me - biomedical institute. He, on the one hand, at the local university, on the other - at the hospital.

The whole of science in America is living on grants, if the author of the project justify the relevance and practical value of research, its funding. My boss with her group is now proving harmful effects of a drug on the heart vessels and studies of so-called "French phenomenon" - on the contrary, a positive impact on them of some components of grapes and wine.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Russian girls for sale

Ramon looked with indignation at this absurd creature that dares to poke his nose in the landlady's case, but Don Antonio replied:
- The key to the hotel nomera0
- To him all hooked plastic thingie? - Glad Chucho
- Yes, - said seriously, Antonio, - Have you seen him? Chucho eagerly nodded, pleased that
could be useful to the owner, here - Ramon, though so important to have lost the key, and he, Chucho, he found attractive russian women!
- I think I saw him at Don Daniel - jabbered. Chucho. - He took it out and I saw. Such as keys in the hotel, it still hangs trick, dirty russian girls-but seeing as the dark face of the host, as from anger narrowed his eyes, Chucho has ended not so sure how to begin. - Maybe it was the other key ... Maybe I'm wrong - and only the howling ¬ alive Don Antonio all, the poor man realized that seems to say something extra.
Poor Chucho! All his life he ruined this manner - first talked too much and then think about it. So come now. Well, who pulled his tongue. Only now the unfortunate realized that, unwittingly, revealed some important secret, and the procedure hurt Don Daniel. And to somehow rectify the situation, he rushed to the bungalow.
The hour was late, and Don Daniel to sleep after drinking a glass of pulque, already serenely lying in bed, thinking about the strange request of her daughter, beautiful nude russian women.Sam not knowing why he did not throw away the key, as requested by Raquel.
Suddenly the glass door of his bungalow desperately knocking, and then there was Chucho agitated voice:
- Don Daniel! Don Daniel!
Don Daniel got out of bed, and as he was in his pajamas, he went to open it. Chucho whirlwind burst into the bungalow, "He was terribly afraid - desperately waving his arms, sepulchral whisper, asked Don Daniel does not turn on the lights so that they did not notice the owner. Don Daniel, seeing this strange behavior of the other, and he was frightened in earnest. Again, something's up big russian women?
- Oh, Don, Daniel, - whispered heartbroken Chucho - I'm just an ass. It seems that someone stole the key from the room owner. And I said that you have seen the same, well, like the one they are looking for. It somehow escaped, Don Daniel.

Russian girls flashing thumbs

Raquel, cute russian women without sleep, when I saw the opening door. Antonio came in, and she pretended to be asleep, quietly watching him. He was interested in the box, removed the key to Ramon. Raquel, crazy russian girls no longer pretend to be, and opening his eyes:
- Are you looking for something?
- No, no, sleep well, - said Antonio and left the room.
With key in hand, Don Daniel entered the bungalow. There was one - and, yes it Chucho sitting in front of TV and, as always, something to chew. Sound is turned on full volume. Seeing Don Daniel, Chucho quickly jumped up and turned off the TV. It turns out he was waiting for Don Daniel to go to a Mercedes, chubby russian girls. They seemed to agree.
Don Daniel sighed. He had no mood to go for a visit. State of Raquel, gorgeous russian women upset her anxiety of his father, and, in general, he suddenly felt like some old, unhappy and frustrated. No, today he is not up to your guests!
Chucho just sadly shook his head and his face took on a mournful expression. What a pity that Don Daniel does not want to go! And what is in his hands? The key seems to be the room in a hotel. Chucho is not often seen these. Don Daniel at first wanted to ask him about something, but then changed his mind and put the key in his pocket, Don Daniel, really, is not important, perhaps, it is better to rest. And he took to the track a handful of popcorn, Chucho went to the house to perform their duties.
First he went to the kitchen and prepared a cup of strong coffee. Chucho sat and sipped it in small sips as they entered Don Ramon and Antonio. They talked about a key, Chucho initially did not even listen - it-it does not apply. Ramon said that the key is found in the morning Rekhin, dirty russian girls and he put it in the box, the one shown before lady fainted. Don Antonio ordered the maid was called. And then as the current Chucho pierced guess. Well, he just had not thought of. Key! Surely, the one he saw in the hands of Don Daniel.

Russian girls feet

It's OK, Dad - it calmed my father - I lost consciousness, but I'm better. Sit with me.
Don Daniel quietly sat on the edge of the chair.
- Pope, - a quiet voice said Raquel, gorgeous russian women-I want to ask you something, "Hide it here, throw, so that no one saw - with these words Raquel pulled out from under the mattress key and handed it to Don Daniel. - And fires  anything do not ask - her eyes filled with tears, she swallowed them, and uttered with difficulty. - Dad, how do you feel?
- Well, - tried to smile, Don Daniel. - The truth ... a little bit lonely. But no, do not persuade me to go here - for me, and all better when I'm there, in your bungalow ...
They are silent, without words, knowing all that did not want to disappoint each other. Only now Senor Samaniego knew well they lived in Guadalajara. Let them live in poverty, sometimes even enough to eat, but nobody looked down on them, no one pointed out, how to behave. They were free. And here - gilded cage!
Antonio came into the room, brought Rachel, hairy russian girls drugs and Don Daniel hurried to her and wished all a good night.
Rachel swallowed a pill and put on the table, served Antonio cup, looked at her husband. His face was impassive and cold. Maybe he still thinks she's going to meet with this Roberto Aguirre? Suspect her? He remembers a conversation about the key? ¬ A can be a Jet, he became angry when she said she did not want a baby?
- I said so, not because I do not like children - was justified by Raquel, little russian school girls-just is not the time, not the situation ...
- And what is the situation? - Antonio asked dryly. This icy tone frightened her. It seemed to her that her husband
no longer loves, and she was losing her mind. Suddenly, Rachel, hot nude russian girls felt terrible fatigue, fatigue from all - of the eternal fear of constant embarrassment that she felt in this house. She looked into his eyes:
- You do not trust me?
- I have for this reason! - Antonio stood up and left the room.

Russian girls faces

An employee of one of the hotels detailed description of this man. Tomorrow Pablo will this guy out of the hotel here and show him the Max: description is strikingly similar to his.
It seems that the only one who remained cheerful in the house, was Chucho. He was pleased with everything - work, meals, conversations with Don Daniel. Is that a little annoyed that bore Ramon, who poses as nobody knows what, but it did not take kindly Chucho is in the head.
In the few days that he served in the House Lombard ¬ up his new white coat once drooped, and the crush was almost indistinguishable from that of his shirt, which was once Chucho went to Don Antonio. But Chucho did not notice. All his thoughts were concentrated on the Mercedes. He again and CHO ¬ barkers Don Daniel Island to visit the girl and her brother - is awkward all the time to go and see one. For example, you go today. No one knows. Victoria and Senor Lombardo busy Raquel, horny russian girls - she feels bad.
- How, Rachel got sick? - Don Daniel clasped his hands. - I do not know anything about this?
Don Daniel was seriously upset. No one bothered to tell him that his daughter was sick. As if he's not here. But what about Rachel, married russian women? Don Daniel, in spite of the offense, rushed to the big house. In the living room he was met by Victoria and an Oscar. Don Daniel, without further ado asked to see my daughter. Victoria, naked russians girls gently reassured Don Daniel, saying that no cause for concern, and asked the lady to hold Ramon Samaniego Raquel's room. Timidly at the terrible sight of the butler, Don Daniel climbed up the stairs.
Watching him go, Victoria said Oscar:
- I am very sorry for this man and Rachel too.
- Sorry? - Oscar raised his eyebrows.
- They are difficult here, among us, - said thoughtfully Victoria, naked little russian-they feel at ease.
Knocking at the door, heard the voice of Don Daniel-in-law, and carefully entered. Raquel, pale and weary, wistful glance at supper sat next to her husband. Russian girl saw her eyes full of compassion for his father, and her face lit up with genuine joy. Antonio, apologized, left the room..